As our communities continue to grow, local butterflies and bees are losing natural spaces to eat, sleep and raise their young. You can help make your neighbourhood more bee- and butterfly-friendly by following a few easy steps.

Start small by adding native wildflowers to your garden, yard or balcony. Join forces with friends and neighbours to share seeds and plants. Next, encourage schools, businesses and institutions to add pollinator-friendly plants to their gardens and properties. Stitch this network of pollinator patches together and you’ve created your own Butterflyway!

Seven steps to creating a Butterflyway

  1. Grow native wildflowers
  2. Invest in a tree or shrub
  3. Create a woodpile bug hotel
  4. Leave sunny soil patches for bees
  5. Provide a water source
  6. Learn more about local bees and butterflies
  7. Create a neighbourhood Butterflyway!