Ask Vancouver council to keep its climate action commitments

Heat dome impacts show need for more trees and energy-efficient homes

On June 12, Vancouver council will consider a motion to increase Vancouver’s tree canopy. It calls on the city to plant native and climate-resilient trees in areas with fewer trees and where residents are at higher risk during heat events.

Vancouver Coastal Health’s report on the 2021 heat dome notes that Vancouver had the highest number of heat-related deaths of cities in B.C. One factor was “the absence of tree canopy and other green space to provide protective cooling.”

On June 11, council will consider a motion to update efficiency standards for water heaters in existing detached homes. Buildings are the largest source of emissions in Vancouver, and water heaters are one of the top two sources of carbon pollution from homes. The city is proposing that, starting on January 1, 2027, when water heaters are replaced in detached homes, new equipment must meet the highest efficiency standards to maximize energy savings and reduce environmental impacts.

Let council know that you want them to equitably increase Vancouver’s tree canopy and update efficiency standards for water heaters to create a more resilient city.