Caribou need our help

Make 2019 the year of the caribou

On December 21, 2018, the federal government released a report that warns not enough is being done to protect one of Canada’s most threatened species. Eighty-one per cent of boreal caribou herds in Canada are in decline.

Despite many initiatives and existing policies, provinces and territories have developed startlingly few on-the-ground measures to protect and recover the habitat that caribou need or to set limits on industrial resource extraction activities. They have failed to apply constraints consistent with protection measures under the federal Species at Risk Act.

Please take a moment to tell the environment minister that action is needed now: interim habitat-protection measures where provinces and territories continue to stall and federal intervention where provinces and territories continue to destroy the habitat that caribou need to survive and recover.

If 2019 doesn’t become the year of the caribou, their chances for survival will be greatly diminished.

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