Photo: Henry Godnitz

Call for a renewable, resilient Regina

On October 29, city council is voting on whether to make Regina a renewable city

Let’s seize this unprecedented opportunity to be a leader in renewable energy.

Renewables mean new jobs, energy diversification, local economic opportunities and climate protection. And Regina is well-placed to lead.

We have the chance now to develop a made-in-Regina strategy to create a more secure energy future, stronger economic outlook and resilient way forward for all of us. If your city councillor hears from you why a renewable, resilient Regina is important, council can seize this opportunity to be a renewable energy leader.

Please call your city councillors to ask them to vote in favour of the Make Regina a Renewable City motion.

Calling your city councillors is easy. We’ll connect you through your phone to their office. You might not be able to speak to them directly, but you can leave a voicemail. Once the call rings through to your phone, use the easy talking points at the bottom of  your screen to help guide you through the call.

Scroll down to view the speaking points.

Phone now

Talking points

  • Introduce yourself (E.g., I’m a grandmother, immigrant, farmer, student, etc…)
  • Tell them why you think renewable energy is important to you. (It can create jobs, fight climate change, secure Regina a place in the new economy…)
  • Ask them what their level of support is for the renewable city strategy and why
  • Ask how you can continue to support this initiative and encourage them to vote yes to the motion on October 29.

Councillors want to hear from you personally, so please do not use the following speaking points verbatim. Remix them to make them your own:

  • Regina has one of the highest potentials for solar and wind energy generation in all of Canada.
  • Nearly 10 million people around the world had jobs in renewable energy in 2016. Experts predict that this could rise to 24 million by 2030.
  • Regina’s commitment to become a renewable city would contribute to provincial, federal and international efforts to reduce climate risk, while growing clean energy jobs and economic opportunities.
  • By shifting to clean energy, we reduce air pollutants and help seniors and asthmatic residents breathe easier and reduce hospital visits.
  • Renewable energy is all about putting power back into the hands of the people. It means reduced energy bills and potential new revenue streams for residents and the city. With renewable energy, the people of Regina can shift from passive ratepayers to active beneficiaries of this clean and healthy way of producing the power we need to live, work and play.

Tips for the call

When you click the MAKE THE CALL button, the system will call your phone and patch you through.

  • Use a headset or hands-free — This will give you both hands to take notes about what was said.
  • Be polite but firm — Councillors are our elected representatives. They will likely be happy to hear from engaged constituents. Be polite and direct. Make sure to ask for a response.