Photo: Trevor Leach

Climate leaders don’t expand pipelines

Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion has deeply divided Canadians and illustrated the folly of expanding fossil fuel infrastructure. Here are four reasons we want the federal government to walk away from this risky project and move instead toward renewable energy.

  1. Climate: Canada can’t meet its Paris Agreement commitments and expand fossil fuel infrastructure — such as building the Kinder Morgan pipeline — at the same time.
  2. Missing First Nations consent: Nations whose territories cover the pipeline route, terminus and tanker route have not consented to the project. Yet they will be on the receiving end of the project’s worst environmental impacts.
  3. Environmental damage: Tanker traffic would increase sevenfold (up to 408 tankers a year), making bitumen spills (which can’t be effectively cleaned up) more risky and endangering the existence of 76 critically endangered resident orcas.
  4. Protecting Canadian jobs: Tourism, fishing and seafood industry jobs that are an important part of the Canadian economy are at risk from a bitumen spill.

Science provides sound reasons why reaching climate targets is not compatible with fossil fuel infrastructure expansion.

Changing course now on the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion allows us to say yes to protecting coastal ecosystems and wildlife and committing to climate-protecting renewable energy. This is the future that Canadians who oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline are calling for. Let the prime minister know that you are one of the majority of Canadians who care deeply about addressing the climate crisis and leaving the next generation a safer, more prosperous society by stopping this risky project.

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