Urge Edmonton to lead on an energy transition

Tell council you want meaningful action on climate and energy transition

On August 19, Edmonton city council’s executive committee will examine Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy.

This is a pivotal moment. Council can ensure that we diversify our energy and economy, create new jobs and protect the climate.

In 2018, our mayor and council developed the Edmonton Declaration, committing to leadership on the energy transition, and invited cities worldwide to sign on. We need to ensure that we live up to that declaration and meet targets to reduce emissions to limit warming to below 1.5 C.

Please send this message to Mayor Don Iveson and your councillor encouraging them to develop ambitious targets and a plan to guide our energy transition.

Please add your own comments to your email. Click on the template text to edit the email. It is best to edit the beginning of the email. State why an ambitious energy transition plan for Edmonton is important to you.