Help halt harmful Chinook salmon fishery

Fernando Lessa

New fishery will harm endangered salmon and killer whales

Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans has decided to open five new fisheries in April. The fisheries, located within the critical habitat of endangered southern resident killer whales, will negatively affect endangered Fraser River Chinook salmon and the whales that depend on them.

There are growing concerns that members of the charter sport fishing industry pushed the DFO to open these fisheries on an expedited timeline without proper assessment, process, consultation and monitoring.

We need your help to put pressure on Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray to halt this fishery and conduct transparent due diligence without the influence of industry.

The Government of Canada has deemed itself a global leader in conservation and has committed to halting and reversing biodiversity loss. This fishery is a contradiction. It’s time to hold our leaders accountable.

For more information on the proposed mark selective fisheries please click here.