Help protect monarch butterflies

This is our best chance to protect monarch butterflies

This is your chance to tell Canada to protect monarch butterflies as an endangered species!

Monarch butterflies are one of North America’s most iconic insects. Weighing less than a sunflower seed, they embark every year on the longest migration of any insect in the world. However, their epic migration from Mexico to Canada and back means they face a litany of challenges.

Pesticides, climate change and habitat loss have put the two North American populations in a dire spot. The western population has declined by more than 95 per cent since the 1980s. The eastern population has declined by over 70 per cent over the past three decades.

The government finally appears to be ready to give monarchs the protection they need – after waiting a mind-boggling six years to act.

Thousands of Canadians sent letters of support during the federal government’s recent consultation. Please join this movement to protect monarchs by signing the form on this page.