Live well: Let’s transform the economy

Canada’s chance to revamp its economy and put well-being first

We need a new economy.

It isn’t working for most people or the planet. Our government has an obsession with growing Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As a consequence, inequity, unhappiness, loneliness, injustice, environmental degradation, species loss and climate risk are all on the rise.

The current system has us generating profits by pillaging nature as quickly as possible.

This can’t continue.

Help us call on government to transform Canada’s economy by prioritizing people and the planet over profits in policies, budgets and decision-making.

If you care about…

  • Zero-waste
  • Local food systems
  • Work-life balance (like four-day workweeks)
  • Partnerships that value Indigenous knowledge and self-determination
  • Affordable access to basic needs (food, housing, education, child care and health care)
  • Diversity of cultures and perspectives

…please sign this petition now.

Together, we can create a just, equitable and prosperous future on a healthy planet.