Tell the Ontario government: killing wolves won’t save moose

Loosening wolf-hunting regulations is a step in the wrong direction

We fought this battle together in 2016 and won.

That’s what makes the Ontario government’s decision to re-open a proposal to make it easier to hunt unlimited numbers of wolves and coyotes all the more upsetting.

The government is purporting that wolves and coyotes are responsible for Ontario’s moose decline.

Science disagrees. Moose are in decline, but there is no evidence that predation is the primary driver. Moose and their predators have co-existed in a predator-prey dynamic for thousands of years.

Penalizing these predators, which are also vital contributors to ecosystems, is a false solution.

Until September 26, the Ontario government is accepting public feedback on its proposal to expand wolf and coyote hunting, including:

  • Extending coyote hunting seasons to virtually year-round
  • Eliminating reporting requirements, making quotas unenforceable
  • Removing the game seal requirement for wolves and coyotes

After hearing from enough of us, the previous government recognized the failings of the proposal and withdrew it.

Now, we need to speak up again.

We must demand better solutions.

Tell the government to stop scapegoating wolves and coyotes.