Public transit investments could face 10-year delay if British Columbia fails to act

Call the B.C. transportation and municipal affairs ministers now

Using the simple tool below, you can call the two ministers responsible for transit and transportation in Metro Vancouver to make sure we don’t lose the opportunity for much-needed federal investment. We can’t afford to delay a plan that will improve affordability, decrease congestion and fight climate change. You can call one or both ministers.

Calling a minister is easy. We’ll connect you through your phone to their office. Most likely you won’t be able to speak to them directly, but you can talk to the assistant or leave a voicemail. Once the call rings through to your phone, the easy speaking points below will help guide you through the call.

Speaking points

Mix and match the following speaking points as you see fit. Personalizing the call as much as possible will increase your impact.

  • Introduce yourself, including information about where you live and a bit about yourself (you are a parent, concerned citizen, shift worker, cyclist, transit user, immigrant, Indigenous person, voter, etc.).
  • Tell them why transit and transportation investment is important to you, about your commute and how congestion and inadequate transit affects your life.
  • Ask them whether they will give Metro Vancouver the tools needed to close the regional funding gap to ensure federal and provincial transit dollars can be used to improve transit and transportation. If you are leaving a message, ask them to call you back to answer this question.
  • Explain that if Metro Vancouver doesn’t have the tools to raise funds for its share of the costs, we risk losing the $2.2 billion federal investment in Metro Vancouver, which would set back transit and active transportation investments by a decade.
  • The B.C. government is committed to making life more affordable and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Investing in transit and active transportation will help make Metro Vancouver achieve both.
  • With broad support for the regional transportation plan and billions of federal investment dollars available, the province now plays the lead role in ensuring that the plan is fully funded and that it goes ahead without further delay.

Tips for the call

  • Use a headset or hands-free — This will give you both hands to take notes about what was said.
  • Be polite but firm — The Minister will likely be happy to hear from engaged citizens. Be polite and direct.
  • Leave them a call back number or email address — Make sure to ask for a response about whether the province will provide the funding tools necessary to fulfill the regional funding gap.

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