April Bencze

Put B.C. on the path to a green and just recovery

Tell the B.C. premier you want a green and just recovery

As the B.C. election dust settles, it’s time to set B.C. on a path to building back better. Let’s come together to create a sustainable, resilient, equitable future.

Ask Premier John Horgan to make nature and climate a part of B.C.’s recovery.

The pandemic has shown that going back to climate disruption, species extinction, growing inequalities, increasing pollution and health risks and the possibility of new disease outbreaks is not a good option.

We can do better! Together, we can overcome these crises and reimagine our communities, economy and ourselves.

What does a green and just recovery look like? In the letter, we have identified key actions the B.C. government needs to take to put climate, biodiversity and ocean health on the path to recovery.

You can shape B.C.’s future. Please ask the government to ensure B.C. chooses the path to green and just recovery!