Adopt youth’s ideas about Regina’s energy future

Urge council to implement youth’s sustainability recommendations

On November 30, 2019, youth gathered for a forum at the University of Regina to share ideas about the city’s energy future. They want council to develop a meaningful energy transition plan that increases climate resilience and that is informed by science and the entire Regina community, particularly youth and Indigenous Peoples.

Regina’s youth say action is needed to protect Regina citizens now and into the future. City council should listen to youth demands for mixed-use, walkable neighbourhoods, a zero-waste community, public participation in decision-making processes and more.

Please send this message to the mayor and your councillor urging them to implement these young leaders’ recommendations. If council knows citizens want Regina’s youth to have influence over the city’s energy strategy, it is more likely to take action on a sustainable energy transition.

You can edit the message to council. Personalized letters will have more impact.