SeaChoice. #JoinTheShift to sustainable, traceable, well-labelled seafood

Ask your retailer to source sustainable, traceable seafood, and to properly label your fish!

Canada’s oceans support a variety of large-scale sustainable seafood, but it is often shipped throughout North America and overseas as generic “fish”. At the same time, most Canadians are eating imported, unsustainable seafood.

Celebrating local, sustainable seafood begins with proper traceability and labelling, including name of the species, where and how it was caught or farmed and where it was processed. Traceability is the process by which this information is maintained throughout the seafood supply chain to the point of sale. Technological advances by Canadian producers is making this possible. Fish from sustainable fisheries, even those that catch dozens of different species, can now be traced throughout the supply chain.

However, without commitments by large retailers to support those producers and differentiate Canadian products through better labelling, Canadian seafood will stay out of reach for most Canadians. You won’t be sure of what you are eating, where it came from or how it was produced.

It’s time to shift how we value local fish. #JoinTheShift. Ask your retailer to source local, traceable, properly labelled fish.

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