Photo: Center for Whale Research

Speak out against Roberts Bank Terminal 2

Tell the government to stand against Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project

Roberts Bank Terminal 2 risks the very survival of endangered southern resident orcas, Chinook salmon and many other species. It would take away a part of orcas’ critical habitat, reduce availability of Chinook salmon they rely on for prey and increase underwater noise.

Orcas and Chinook salmon need a thriving Fraser River estuary, not a new shipping terminal. These magnificent creatures can’t speak for themselves!

The proposed container terminal presents an unacceptable threat to the ecosystem. The effects of this project will reach beyond the local marine environment. Negative impacts on many animals, from killer whales to barn owls, are likely.

Canada’s minister of environment and climate change can protect these species by taking a stand against Terminal 2. Send him a letter encouraging him to make the right recommendation.

Your voice matters! Political leaders earn their positions from votes, so they care about your opinion and track the issues constituents raise.