Urge Brampton to vote for a strong climate plan

Help make Brampton’s future #BetterThanNormal

As cities worldwide continue to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, many, including Brampton, are imagining the future post-pandemic. Our recovery efforts will define Brampton for decades to come. We have a window of opportunity to shape an economic and social recovery that is equitable and sustainable.

Together we can make Brampton’s future #BetterThanNormal.

In the coming weeks, Brampton city council will vote on a Community Energy and Emissions Reductions Plan. This will help tackle climate change and help Brampton with a sustainable economic recovery while improving community health and resilience. This is an incredibly important step for the City of Brampton, especially now.

Let’s celebrate city council for its incredible work and encourage councillors to continue leading suburban cities in Canada.

Please sign this message to the mayor and your councillor now, encouraging them to vote in support of Brampton’s climate plan and to make it even stronger.

Here are a few important points about the climate plan:

  1. The plan sets out reasonable climate targets for 2040 and 2050. We’re proud of the City of Brampton for this.
  2. To limit warming to 1.5 C and thus avoid the most extreme impacts of climate change, the city needs to further strengthen those targets to 60 per cent reduction by 2030 (with a strong interim target for 2025) and 100 per cent reduction by 2050.
  3. Transportation accounts for 60 per cent of Brampton’s emissions, so this is a key area in which to make reductions. We recommend:
    • Decreasing urban sprawl and traffic with more innovative land-use planning that favours transit-oriented, walkable, livable neighbourhoods.
    • Improving public transit with a fleet of mostly electric buses and enabling charging infrastructure.
    • Improving active transportation by investing in walking and cycling infrastructure.
    • Electrifying all vehicle transportation.
  4. Key climate solutions such as a mostly electric bus fleet, district energy, active transportation and social housing retrofits will help Brampton with a sustainable economic recovery. These solutions create jobs, reduce pollution (which improves public health) and cut energy costs, making life more affordable.