What if you could empower your community with renewable energy?

This is the story of you — of all of us — on a mission for a cleaner, healthier, charged up Canada.

The project

Charged Up is about people power — people coming together in their communities to invest in a low carbon economy.

We’re excited to soon profile local success stories from across the country.

Whether you live in a downtown core, on the coast or on the sunny prairies, you have a story to tell.

Want to start your own solar co-op? Interested in connecting with leaders in your community on everything from wind to geothermal to electric vehicles?

We’ll connect the dots for you. Stay tuned for more information and resources!

Act locally and have a national impact

Come on, Canada! Let’s get Charged Up and accelerate renewable energy solutions. It’s our time to shine.
We’re working on championing renewable energy policies, both nationally and provincially, that will accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy future.

  • Local: Help communities move to 100 per cent renewable energy.
  • Provincial: Work on key policies to accelerate renewable energy generation and use in the nation’s five largest provinces: Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Quebec.
  • National: Enact and strengthen the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. Ensure that Canada is on target to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050.

If we want Canada to lead on climate solutions, we need to act now.

Feel charged up? Take action now

Let’s power up Canada with renewable energy

Systemic change doesn’t happen without people power. With Charged Up, the David Suzuki Foundation connects people in Canada to renewable energy opportunities in their communities. — Ian Bruce