Quesada Burritos

Quesada Burritos & Tacos announces it will phase out foil in the packaging of its burritos in favour of a biodegradable option. Thanks to these efforts, Quesada is diverting about 100,000 pounds of foil from landfills by 2025. (Photo: CNW Group/Quesada Burritos & Tacos)

Lasting partnerships often start from shared values and goals. When Quesada representatives approached us, they were excited to hear about what we’re working on and how they can help.

But the sparks really started flying when the Quesada team met with our Ontario director Yannick Beaudoin and development officer Alex Portman. Hearing about our sustainable communities goals and reducing the carbon footprint of people in Canada, Steve Gill, Quesada’s founder and CEO, asked a simple yet radical question, “What if we stopped wrapping our food in aluminum foil and switched to a biodegradable wrap?”

What if we stopped wrapping our food in aluminum foil and switched to a biodegradable wrap?

Steve Gill, Quesada’s founder and CEO

From there Quesada embarked on a journey to find a suitable substitute for foil wrapping, meeting with suppliers and franchisees to discuss ideas and the transition process. In March 2021, Quesada announced that they will be “the first Mexican chain to stop giving burritos a bad wrap” and committed to “diverting 100,000 pounds of foil (12.5M foil wraps) from landfills by 2025.”

Thank you Quesada head office team, franchisees and employees for your generous support in helping us protect people and the planet throughout the year. We truly appreciate your partnership! And a special thank you for your leadership, curiosity and desire to make your industry sustainable.

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