Vancouver Butterflyway

The Vancouver Butterflyway Project is calling on all Vancouverites to join the action. Butterflies and wild pollinators are counting on us.

About the Vancouver Butterflyway

The Butterflyway Project is a citizen-led movement growing highways and laneways of habitat for wild pollinators like butterflies and bees across Canada.

Butterflyway Rangers in Vancouver first joined the project in 2019 and planted close to 70 Butterflyways across the city, creating a north-south pollinator corridor that connects the District of North Vancouver to Richmond. The Rangers came from all walks of life and shared their love for wild pollinators, nature and their neighbours.

By planting host and nectar plants for butterflies and wild bees at their own homes, boulevards, community gardens, greenways, laneways, rooftop gardens, train station, traffic roundabouts and schools, Vancouver Butterflyway Rangers made friends and connections to help wild pollinators find food and shelter.

The 2020 season began after 86 new Rangers completed the one-day training on March 7. Rangers received a copy of the 2020 Training Manual, which highlights the wonderful work Butterflyway Rangers achieved in 2019, a 12-plant indigenous pollinator plant list and eight illustrations of popular butterfly species in the Lower Mainland.

Butterflyway Rangers have started planting for wild pollinators since mid-April. Apart from Vancouver, Richmond and the District of North Vancouver, Rangers in South Surrey, Burnaby and West Vancouver have also started their own pilot projects. All their plantings will be included in the 2020 Indigenous Pollinator Plant Map this fall. Watch out for their plantings and the Butterflyway lawn signs. If you want to see updates on the project, you can click on the QR code on the lawn signs.

Now, Butterflyway Rangers are busy tracking butterflies in the Lower Mainland to submit to our citizen science initiative on iNaturalist: BIMBY (Butterflies in My Backyard).

You can help by submitting your butterfly and plant photos to DSF BIMBY

If you are keen to help wild pollinators, you can also join us to become a Bee-bnb superhost.

Stay tuned for more activities and announcements in June as Rangers will celebrate National Pollinator Week from June 22 to 28.

Illustrated map of Butterflyway locations in Vancouver

Vancouver Butterflyway Ranger Recruitment

Vancouver was the latest municipality in the Lower Mainland to join the national Butterflyway Project with Vancouver residents helping to build their first Butterflyways in 2019!

But there is still much to do and many ways you can help. Please check the Vancouver Butterflyway locations map below to identify a neighbourhood you can join. Or, if you live in an area outside of existing plantings, there is even more reason for you to apply to become a Vancouver Butterflyway Ranger!

We are also recruiting Rangers to join the VIA Rail planting and/or help the DIGS (Downtown Intercultural Gardeners Society) Butterflyway Garden at the St. Paul’s Hospital Rooftop Garden.

This year, Vancouver Butterflyway Rangers will expand the scope of work established in past seasons. You will:

  • Plant native wildflowers for butterflies and other wild pollinators in and around your neighbourhood
  • Encourage friends, neighbours and school communities to plant pollinator gardens
  • Help build and promote municipal and neighbourhood-scale highways of pollinator habitat
  • Explore the relationship between indigenous plants, wild pollinators and humans, with support from the Museum of Vancouver
  • As citizen scientists, identify prevalent butterfly species through the BIMBY (Butterflies In My Backyard) initiative. Butterflyway Rangers will be supported by Tara Moreau from UBC Botanical Garden to connect citizens with science for the purposes of conservation.
  • Work with local communities to host the first Bike the Butterflyway this summer.

To accommodate B.C.’s early planting season, Butterflyway Ranger recruitment begins Monday, February 10. We’ll notify selected Rangers before the end of February to join our one-day training program on Saturday, March 7, at the UBC Botanical Garden. Recruitment for 2020 Butterflyway ended on February 28.

If you are passionate about native plants and wild pollinators like butterflies, bees and birds, join the Butterflyway Project! You’ll make a real difference for critical species humans depend on for food and well-being every day.

Vancouver Butterflyway locations


Use this interactive map to explore the locations of butterfly-friendly pollinator patches that volunteer Butterflyway Rangers established in Vancouver with the support of local residents, groups, schools, city officials and Foundation staff.