Vancouver Butterflyway

Vancouver Butterflyway Rangers have planted more than 60 pollinator patches in the city, creating a north-south pollinator corridor that connects the District of North Vancouver to Richmond.

About the Vancouver Butterflyway

The Butterflyway Project is a citizen-led movement growing highways of habitat for bees and butterflies across Canada.

Vancouver Butterflyway Rangers come from all walks of life, and share their love for wild pollinators and nature. After three months of planting wildflowers throughout the city, our Rangers are also making new friends and building communities in Vancouver. The camaraderie among Vancouver Rangers from all parts of the city has generated a good dose of warm and fuzzy feeling in the Butterflyway neighbourhoods.

Vancouver Butterflyway Rangers joined the Richmond and District of North Vancouver Rangers at the UBC Botanical Garden in March for a day of training to learn about the local butterfly species and how to plant pesticide-free flowers and plants to sustain them.

Over the past three months, Rangers reached out to their neighbours, gathered students for planting parties and invited their organizations and colleagues to join the Butterflyway movement.

Here are some of their achievements:

  • Ranger Patrick Nangle knocked on doors of his neighbours in the West Point Grey area to plant for butterflies and wild pollinators. Patrick got 14 neighbours to plant. Things started to get a little “viral” as the more distant neighbours wanted to join the movement. Now, neighbours along West 13th, West 14th and West 15th have joined the Butterflyway. They said this is only the beginning, with more plans for 2020!
  • Christine Bickson is a Ranger who pitched her plan at the March training to build on the Ladybug Community Garden near the Sunrise neighbourhood on Commercial Drive and Broadway in East Vancouver. That is what she and her team of Butterflyway Rangers did. They plan to celebrate their work early fall.
  • For our teacher Butterflyway Rangers across the city — Sara Bucovaz, Greg Weir, Alison Diesvelt, Allison Dixon and Jana Ronne — being a Ranger is a perfect opportunity to engage students, parents and the school community to plant for butterflies and wild pollinators. But they didn’t stop there. They also included the educational piece on how pollinators and our environment are interconnected. To top it off, they managed to sprinkle the project with fine arts and creativity for their students. Beautiful pollinator-themed artwork and music are part and parcel of this Butterflyway engagement.
  • We also have Butterflyway Rangers who are mothers. Jennifer Hoban brought the Butterflyway Project to Sexsmith Elementary and Douglas Annex along with her young son Harley. Carol Both and daughter Leaa helped plant pollinator flowers for other Rangers while making connections with key partners and organizations for our 2020 planting. Sylvie Royer, Julienne Hill, Judy Osburn, Andrea Sara, Karalee Greer, Anne French and Robin Ripley are all powerhouse Rangers who are committed to expanding the Butterflyway Project in the city.

A special thank you to our Rangers who connected us with key organizations in the city:

  • Zoe Cassandra brought us to DIGS (Downtown Intercultural Gardeners Society) at St. Paul’s Hospital rooftop garden
  • Craig David Long planted at Mole Hill Community Housing Society
  • Josephine Wasch helped turn VIA Rail’s Pacific Central Station into a Butterflyway
  • Anders and Elizabeth Lonnqvist introduced us to the Butterflyway Project at the Finnish Senior Care Home in South Vancouver
  • Chris Wasylishyn put pollinator mecca Riley Park Community Garden on the Vancouver Butterflyway map
  • Catherine Munn shared her knowledge about local community gardens in Vancouver
  • Jolene Dosch, Kelley Grant, Emily Jones and Sheri Rabold helped with all the plantings
  • City of Vancouver Green Street Coordinator Liz Nowatschin provided ongoing guidance to our city plantings

Illustrated map of Butterflyway locations in Vancouver

Vancouver Butterflyway locations

Use this interactive map to explore the locations of butterfly-friendly pollinator patches that volunteer Butterflyway Rangers established in Vancouver with the support of local residents, groups, schools, city officials and Foundation staff.