Photo: Inspiring our communities to protect our coastal waters

(Credit: Paul Joseph via Flickr)

Thanks for your commitment to hosting an oceans event. Together, your events could bring thousands of people together to protect our oceans. Once you have an idea of what you'd like to do, email to get started! We can provide you with logistical support as well as connect you with other Ocean Keepers in your area.

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  • BEACH CLEANUP — Organize a cleanup for your community or go out with group of friends to get garbage off your favourite beach.
  • SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD PICNIC OR BBQ — Delicious and educational! We have lists of top sustainable seafood picks, recipes, wallet cards with information and a sustainable seafood pledge to share with your friends.
  • MOVIE NIGHT- We have great documentaries about our oceans and sea life that you could screen as a conversation starter. This can be a public event in your community, or a private event in your home.
  • OCEAN STORYTELLING EVENT — Stories can connect people with nature, and inspire them to defend it. We've found that people love sharing their stories about the ocean, and it gets us thinking about how to protect it. You can share some of our Best Pacific Ocean Stories Ever to get things started, and then create some of your own.
  • COLLABORATIVE OCEAN ART EVENT — Get creative! Bring a group together to make a mural, sand castle, sculpture, beach trash art, painting or whatever inspiration brings. Drop us a line at to talk about ideas.
  • INTERPRETIVE INTERTIDAL WALK — If you live near the coast, we'll try to find a naturalist to take you on an interpretive walk to talk about all the wonderful little critters in the intertidal zone. Maybe you're that expert! Let us know if you can lead a shoreline tour.
  • EXPERT PANEL DISCUSSIONS OR PRESENTATIONS — We will do our best to find experts on marine life to speak to your community. Or if you have an area of expertise, maybe you can host!
  • HOST A FAMILY EVENT — Of course, any of these events would work with children and youth. But if you need specific kid-friendly ideas and inspiration, we have a full Ocean Activity Kit for Kids with dozens of games and projects for kids of all ages.

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