Photo: Sell sustainable seafood

There is a market for sustainable seafood.

Canadian businesses have an important part to play in encouraging a marketplace shift in support of sustainable seafood. Consumers are increasingly demanding that their seafood come from sustainable sources, both on the water and in fish farms. Canadians also want their seafood to be properly labelled.

Set your business apart from competitors by working with SeaChoice and committing to a sustainable seafood strategy. Your customers will recognize the leadership that you have taken to be leader in the sustainable seafood movement. The SeaChoice Business Guide is a helpful tool for any seafood retailer as it offers them step-by step instructions on how to include a sustainable seafood strategy into their business practices. With both case studies and a range of activities that illustrate best practices, this guide is a resourceful tool for any business looking to make the shift.

Already Canadian retailers and suppliers like Overwaitea, Albion Fisheries and Federated Co-op are working with SeaChoice to commit to a sustainable seafood strategy. Help be part of the solution and movement towards a greener future for everyone by making the commitment today.

Please contact us if you would like to become a sustainable seafood partner business.

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