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Photo: Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound

(credit: Kris Krug)

Apply for Camp Suzuki by completing the simple online application form by May 15, 2015. There is no cost to apply.

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What is Camp Suzuki?

Camp Suzuki is a three-part program that combines summer camp with volunteer experience to prepare young adults age 18 to 30 to be champions of the Howe Sound region.

From August 9 to 14, 2015, participants will be immersed in the unforgettable fun of outdoor summer camp. They'll spend their mornings learning about the amazing ecosystems in the region, both from Western-based science and traditional knowledge held by the Squamish First Nation. In the evenings, participants will learn the hard skills needed to be successful conservation leaders.

After camp, participants apply their newfound skills and knowledge through a six-month, part-time placement with a local community organization that works for the betterment of Howe Sound.

After their placements, participants are invited back to camp for a celebratory reunion to share their experiences and solidify their connections with the region and with each other.

Participants will leave the Camp Suzuki program empowered, connected and equipped to champion a healthy Howe Sound.

Where will Camp Suzuki be hosted?

Camp Suzuki will be hosted at Fircom, a 120-acre oceanfront summer camp and retreat centre on Gambier Island in Howe Sound, British Columbia.

Since 1923, Fircom has helped children, youth and families of the Lower Mainland experience a healthy, sustainable community in nature.

Located just 60 minutes via public transit from downtown Vancouver, Fircom offers Camp Suzuki participants both remoteness and accessibility.

Fircom has all the modern facilities of a camp and is an environmentally conscious facility, including a 15-kilowatt photovoltaic electrical power system and 80 per cent vegetarian meals from the 1.5-acre on-site organic farm 30 metres from the kitchen.

Who is the ideal Camp Suzuki participant?

  • Lives, works and/or studies in B.C.'s Howe Sound or Greater Vancouver region, including Vancouver, White Rock, Richmond, Squamish, West Vancouver, Sunshine Coast and anywhere in between.
  • Demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement.
  • Is between 18 and 30 years of age (consideration will be given to participants slightly older or younger, depending on intent and experience).
  • Has an interest in:
    • Protecting, enhancing and restoring Howe Sound;
    • Building and mobilizing an engaged constituency for Howe Sound protection; and
    • Contributing to public awareness about Howe Sound.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and work as part of a team.
  • Creative and enthusiastic.
  • Has the capacity to commit to all three stages of the program (e.g., can arrange care for dependents, flexible work schedule).
  • Can afford the participation fee (some bursaries are available by application).
  • Completing or has completed high school, post-secondary, trade program or first few years of career.

What will participants get from the camp?

  • Be part of an exclusive, cutting-edge leadership program.
  • Receive hands-on training in a variety of skills: community organizing, leadership, goal-setting, issues framing, project management.
  • Strengthen understanding of our interconnection and interdependency with nature through daily outdoor exploration and recreation.
  • Be inspired by provocative speakers, mentors and guests.

What is the cost of participation?

Entry to the program is competitive and spots are limited. Participants are asked to pay a registration fee on acceptance to reserve their spot in the program.

This fee offsets administrative costs; donors to the David Suzuki Foundation generously cover the remainder of costs.

There are two fee options. (You will be asked to identify which category you fall under in your application.):
  • General admission: $400. This is the standard fee for any participant in the program who is not a student.
  • Student admission: $250. This fee is for any current high-school or post-secondary student who participates in the program.

Lack of funds should not be a barrier to participation. Questions in the application address financial need for those looking for a bursary to partially or fully cover the fee. If needed, please contact Kyle Empringham ( to discuss financial assistance options.

How to apply?

Complete the simple online application form by May 15, 2015.

There is no cost to apply.

Refer to the above section on "Who is the ideal Camp Suzuki participant?" for the criteria used to determine participants for this program.

When will youth be notified if they have been accepted (or not)?

Applicants who are accepted will be notified by email by May 30, 2015.

Accepted applicants must decline by email or confirm by payment and completed waivers within one week of receiving the acceptance email. The cost to participate will be confirmed with you on acceptance and can be made online or by cheque.

Participation will be confirmed once payment and documents have been received. Participants will be emailed instructions by July 1, 2015, regarding next steps, including what to pack, where and when to catch the water taxi, cellphone use policy, etc.

Participants are expected to monitor their email for additional instructions and notices leading up to the start of camp on August 9, 2015.

Applicants not accepted into the program will be notified by email and asked to respond by email if they wish to be placed on the waiting list.

Who to contact with questions?

If you have questions, connect with the David Suzuki Foundation at We'll be able to respond to you within two weeks.