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Room for Both: Realizing a Future with Sustainable Economies and Healthy Caribou Populations Rachel Plotkin June 2019 Report Biodiversity
How Can We Protect Critical Caribou Habitat and Support Forestry Jobs in Ontario June 2019 Report Biodiversity
Research Related to Boreal Caribou Habitat Restoration Economics in British Columbia Mark Anielski April 2019 Report Biodiversity
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Tribal Parks and Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas: Lessons Learned from B.C. Examples August 2018 Executive summary Environmental rights, Biodiversity
Tribal Parks and Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas: Lessons Learned from B.C. Examples Rachel Plotkin August 2018 Report Environmental rights, Biodiversity
Madziih (Caribou) Tsáá? Ché Ne Dane Traditional Knowledge and Restoration Study Susan Leech, Carolyn Whittaker, Doig River First Nation December 2016 Report Biodiversity
Population Critical: How Are Caribou Faring? December 2013 Report Biodiversity
Passages from the Peace: Community Reflections on Changing B.C.’s Peace Region Briony Penn December 2013 Report Environmental rights
Cultural and Ecological Value of Boreal Woodland Caribou Habitat July 2013 Report Biodiversity
Atlas of Land Cover, Industrial Land Uses and Industrial-Caused Land Changes in the Peace Region of British Columbia Peter G. Lee, Matt Hanneman December 2012 Atlas/Map
The Last Place on Earth: British Columbia Needs a Law to Protect Species from Habitat Loss and Global Warming Sean Nixon, Devon Page, Susan Pinkus October 2008 Recommendation, Report Biodiversity
Rich Wildlife, Poor Protection: The Urgent Need for Strong Legal Protection of British Columbia’s Biodiversity Faisal Moola, Devon Page, Michelle Connolly, Lindsay Coulter June 2007 Report, Recommendation Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water