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State of the Forest Report: Seeing Through the Spin January 2024 Report Biodiversity
Butterflies in My Backyard Report — Twenty thousand reasons to celebrate Michelle Tseng, Stephen Deedes-Vincke, Winnie Hwo, Alex Wong, Steve Ansell November 2023 Report Biodiversity
Equity Strategy for Municipal Climate Action Planning Nya Lazarus-Munnick, Nicola Radatus-Smith, Theresa Nguyen November 2023 Guide, Report, Backgrounder Cities
LEGAL OPINION — International obligations governing Canada’s development of new liquefied natural gas production capacity in light of the climate change emergency Jorge E. Viñuales November 2023 Report Climate solutions
Implementation of Nature-Based Solutions in Canada: State of Play Report July 2023 Report, Executive summary Climate solutions, Biodiversity, Cities, Oceans and fresh water
Burning Bridge: Debunking LNG as a Climate Solution Daniel Horen Greenford May 2023 Report Climate solutions
Shared Governance Aimée Craft, Rachel Plotkin March 2023 Report Environmental rights, Biodiversity
Bringing Corporate Purpose into the Mainstream: Directions for Canadian Law Iseoluwa Akintunde, Richard Janda January 2023 Report Environmental rights
Butterflies in My Backyard (BIMBY) — The Great B.C. Butterfly Search report Winnie Hwo, Stephen Deedes-Vincke, Alex Wong, Michelle Tseng December 2022 Report Biodiversity
Implementing equity: a renewable Regina that works for everyone Simon Enoch, Emily Eaton October 2022 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions, Cities
Keeping the Lights On: Ensuring energy affordability, equity and access in the transition to clean electricity in Canada Runa R. Das, Mari Martiskainen October 2022 Report Climate solutions
Governance Back: Exploring Indigenous Approaches to Reclaiming Relationships With Land Aimée Craft, Rachel Plotkin September 2022 Report Biodiversity, Environmental rights