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Policy Options for a Clean Electricity Standard in Canada Mark Jaccard, Bradford Griffin August 2021 Report, Technical brief Climate solutions
Managing Natural Assets to Increase Coastal Resilience: Guidance Document for Municipalities Michelle Molnar, Cedar Morton, Erica Olson, Matthew Bayly, Amaury Camarena, Aline Kaji, Jake Sahl, Greg Guannel, Susan Davidson July 2021 Report Climate solutions, Biodiversity, Cities
Clearing the Air: Transportation, Land Use and Carbon Emissions in Metro Vancouver Franziska Förg, Rose Murphy, Mark Jaccard June 2021 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Framework for Community-Based Landscape Restoration: Scaling up Restoration Efforts in Blueberry River First Nations Territory May 2021 Report Biodiversity
Young adults and mobility: perceptions and aspirations Jérôme Laviolette March 2021 Report Cities, Climate solutions
New Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles: Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Metro Vancouver Elnaz Abotalebi, Mahmood Nesheli, Parvathy Pillai, Josipa Petrunić, Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium March 2021 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Unleashing Regina’s Renewable, Energy-efficient Economy February 2021 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Pricing It Right for Climate: Using Mobility Pricing to Drive Down Transport Emissions in Metro Vancouver and Montreal Jonn Axsen, Michael Wolinetz December 2020 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Setting Up Camp: Lessons from Camp Suzuki at Chá7elkwnech: Walking with the Squamish Panos Grames, Delaney Beaton November 2020 Report Environmental rights, Biodiversity
Talking Transition: Shaping Canada’s Clean Power Pathways James Glave September 2020 Report Climate solutions
Renewable Regina: Putting Equity into Action Emily Eaton, Simon Enoch September 2020 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Green Strings: Principles and conditions for a green recovery from COVID-19 in Canada Vanessa Corkal, Philip Gass, Aaron Cosbey July 2020 Report Climate solutions