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Room for Both: Realizing a Future with Sustainable Economies and Healthy Caribou Populations Rachel Plotkin June 2019 Report Biodiversity
How Can We Protect Critical Caribou Habitat and Support Forestry Jobs in Ontario June 2019 Report Biodiversity
Zeroing in on Emissions: Canada’s Clean Power Pathways – A Review Tom Green May 2019 Report Climate solutions
Research Related to Boreal Caribou Habitat Restoration Economics in British Columbia Mark Anielski April 2019 Report Biodiversity
Charging Forward: A Blueprint for Clean and Affordable Electric Cars in British Columbia Jonn Axsen, Ian Bruce, Patricia Lightburn February 2019 Report, Recommendation, Technical brief, Submission Climate solutions
A Technical Review of Canada’s Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures: Alignment with DFO Guidance, IUCN-WCPA Guidance and CBD SBSTTA Guidance Travis Aten, Susanna D. Fuller January 2019 Report Oceans and fresh water, Biodiversity
Let Us Teach You: Exploring Empowerment for Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas in B.C. Julie Gardner November 2018 Report Environmental rights
Regulatory Best Practices for Vented and Leaked Methane Emissions from Upstream Oil and Gas Operations October 2018 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions
Parcs tribaux et aires protégées et de conservation autochtones – leçons tirées des exemples de la Colombie-Britannique Rachel Plotkin August 2018 Report Biodiversity, Environmental rights
Tribal Parks and Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas: Lessons Learned from B.C. Examples Rachel Plotkin August 2018 Report Environmental rights, Biodiversity
Municipal Natural Assets Initiative: City of Nanaimo, B.C. Michelle Molnar, Jake Sahl, Michael Thompson, Joal Borggard July 2018 Technical brief, Report Cities, Climate solutions
Municipal Natural Assets Initiative: Town of Oakville Michelle Molnar, Jake Sahl, Michael Thompson, Joal Borggard, Cindy Toth, Amec Foster Wheeler, Ron Scheckenberger, Patrick MacDonald July 2018 Technical brief, Report Climate solutions, Cities