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Passages from the Peace: Community Reflections on Changing B.C.’s Peace Region Briony Penn December 2013 Report Environmental rights
Is Natural Gas a Climate Change Solution for Canada? Matthew Bramley July 2011 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions
Purchasing Carbon Offsets: A Guide for Canadian Consumers, Businesses and Organizations Deborah Carlson, Paul Lingl, Rich Wong August 2009 Report, Backgrounder Climate solutions
Credit Check: A Comparative Evaluation of Tree-Planting and Fossil-Fuel Emission Reduction Offsets October 2008 Technical brief Climate solutions
Dragging Our Assets: Toward an Ecosystem Approach to Bottom Trawling in Canada Scott Wallace October 2007 Recommendation, Report Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water
BACKGROUNDER — Quick Facts about Climate and the Olympics January 2007 Backgrounder Cities, Climate solutions
Meeting the Challenge: A Carbon Neutral 2010 Winter Games Discussion Paper January 2007 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions, Cities
Drive Green: Company Car Tax Shift Nic Rivers, Rose Murphy, Mark Jaccard, Paulus Mau December 2005 Report Cities, Climate solutions
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — The Case for Deep Reductions Canada’s Role in Preventing Dangerous Climate Change January 2005 Executive summary Climate solutions
The Case for Deep Reductions Canada’s Role in Preventing Dangerous Climate Change Matthew Bramley January 2005 Report Climate solutions
Running on Empty Shifting to a Sustainable Energy Plan for B.C. Dale Marshall, Jodi-Lyn Newnham August 2004 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions
Planning For The Next Generation: Ten Principles for Climate Protection and Innovation Alan Boston May 2004 Report Climate solutions