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Willing to Downsize? Understanding Consumer Demand for SUVs in Metro Vancouver Jonn Axsen, Zoe Long, Michael Wolinetz February 2022 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Policy Pathways to 100% Zero-Emission Vehicles by 2035 in Canada Jonn Axsen January 2022 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Clearing the Air: Transportation, Land Use and Carbon Emissions in Metro Vancouver Franziska Förg, Rose Murphy, Mark Jaccard June 2021 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Young adults and mobility: perceptions and aspirations Jérôme Laviolette March 2021 Report Cities, Climate solutions
New Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles: Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Metro Vancouver Elnaz Abotalebi, Mahmood Nesheli, Parvathy Pillai, Josipa Petrunić, Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium March 2021 Report Climate solutions, Cities
The David Suzuki Podcast, Season 1, Episode 2 transcript David Suzuki, Kwame McKenzie, Jennifer Keesmaat, Gideon Forman December 2020 Audio Environmental rights, Cities
Pricing It Right for Climate: Using Mobility Pricing to Drive Down Transport Emissions in Metro Vancouver and Montreal Jonn Axsen, Michael Wolinetz December 2020 Report Climate solutions, Cities
COVID-19 Short and Mid-Term Economic Recovery Package Recommendations to Boost Employment While Accelerating Ecological Transition Tom Green, Lisa Gue, Michelle Molnar, Jay Ritchlin, Karel Mayrand, Yannick Beaudoin, Diego Creimer April 2020 Recommendation Climate solutions
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Shifting Gears: Climate Solutions for Transportation in Cities, Metro Vancouver Case Study November 2019 Executive summary Climate solutions, Cities
Shifting Gears: Climate Solutions for Transportation in Cities, Metro Vancouver Case Study Jonn Axsen, Michael Wolinetz November 2019 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Charging Forward: A Blueprint for Clean and Affordable Electric Cars in British Columbia Jonn Axsen, Ian Bruce, Patricia Lightburn February 2019 Report, Recommendation, Technical brief, Submission Climate solutions
Comments on the Clean Fuel Standard Regulatory Design Paper Ian Bruce, Warren Mabee February 2019 Submission, Recommendation Climate solutions