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Voices For Strong Clean Electricity Regulations May 2024 Report, Submission Climate solutions
Minding the (research) gaps – DRIVING CHANGE IN TRANSPORTATION PLANNING ACROSS CANADA David Cooper, Chris French, Julianna Charchun April 2024 Report Climate solutions
Mapping the Wellbeing Economies Landscape in Canada Tara Campbell, Maham Kaleem, Naryan Wong March 2024 Report Wellbeing Economies, Sustainable Communities
March 2024 Update: DSF Submission on Federal Draft Clean Electricity Regulations Stephen Thomas March 2024 Recommendation, Technical brief, Submission Climate solutions
DSF Submission on Federal Draft Clean Electricity Regulations November 2023 Submission Climate solutions
Fossil fuels are driving affordability crisis; smart climate policy is the answer November 2023 Submission Climate solutions
LEGAL OPINION — International obligations governing Canada’s development of new liquefied natural gas production capacity in light of the climate change emergency Jorge E. Viñuales November 2023 Report Climate solutions
REPORT SUMMARY — Burning Bridge: Debunking LNG As A Climate Solution Daniel Horen Greenford October 2023 Climate solutions
Implementation of Nature-Based Solutions in Canada: State of Play Report July 2023 Report, Executive summary Climate solutions, Biodiversity, Cities, Oceans and fresh water
60 Organizations Call for Release of Federal Clean Electricity Regulations Without Further Delay July 2023 Submission Climate solutions
Burning Bridge: Debunking LNG as a Climate Solution Daniel Horen Greenford May 2023 Report Climate solutions
Increasing Equitable Adaptation to Climate Change: Scenarios for Planting 500,000 new Trees in Montreal Fondation David Suzuki et partenaires November 2022 Executive summary Climate solutions, Cities