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Joint Letter: Securing Robust Clean Energy Regulations October 2022 Submission Climate solutions
“Keeping the Lights On: Discussing solutions for energy poverty in Canada” (Webinar recording) Runa R. Das, Mari Martiskainen October 2022 Video Climate solutions, Environmental rights
Implementing equity: a renewable Regina that works for everyone Simon Enoch, Emily Eaton October 2022 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions, Cities
Keeping the Lights On: Ensuring energy affordability, equity and access in the transition to clean electricity in Canada Runa R. Das, Mari Martiskainen October 2022 Report Climate solutions
Shifting Power: Zero-Emissions Electricity Across Canada by 2035 Tom Green, Stephen Thomas May 2022 Report Climate solutions
Policy Options for a Clean Electricity Standard in Canada Mark Jaccard, Bradford Griffin August 2021 Report, Technical brief Climate solutions
Response to Public Inquiry into Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns Ian Bruce July 2021 Submission Climate solutions
Unleashing Regina’s Renewable, Energy-efficient Economy February 2021 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Talking Transition: Shaping Canada’s Clean Power Pathways James Glave September 2020 Report Climate solutions
Renewable Regina: Putting Equity into Action Emily Eaton, Simon Enoch September 2020 Report Climate solutions, Cities
APPENDIX — Talking Transition 1: Fast Tracking Clean Power Survey Tom Green, James Gaede August 2020 Appendix/Graph Climate solutions
APPENDIX — Talking Transition 2: Perspectives on Clean Power Pathways Tom Green, James Gaede August 2020 Appendix/Graph Climate solutions