Tell Ontario: No mining in Grassy Narrows

Stop companies from drilling in Grassy Narrows' territory

Ontario has broken its own rules and granted eight mining permits within Asubpeeschoseewagong First Nation (Grassy Narrows) territory — without consulting or even notifying the community.

At the same time, Ontario is starting to plan for logging in the nation’s traditional territory.

Additional resource extraction activities would compound the harm that mercury poisoning, clear-cut logging, hydro dams and residential schools have already done to the people’s lives, lands and way of life.

Grassy Narrows is fighting back — and you can help.

In the words of Chief Randy Fobister, “We are on a healing path for our people and the forest is our treatment centre. We need our forest intact, but the government isn’t working with us, they are working against us. They need to stop logging and mining so the land can heal. Good land will heal our people from all the damage the government has been pushing on us. That is reconciliation. Let us use our land to heal.”

Earlier this year, your action helped stop Trillium Gold from drilling in Grassy Narrows’ territory. Will you help stop companies now poised to threaten Grassy Narrows’ way of life?

Tell Ontario to immediately cancel these permits and permanently withdraw mining and logging from Grassy Narrows’ territory.