Protect the Pacific Deepsea Oasis

A unique seascape of submerged mountains and coral forests needs your help

The Pacific Deepsea Oasis off Vancouver Island is an otherworldly seascape of submerged mountains and fragile coral forests lying under tens of thousands of square kilometres of open ocean. Super-heated hydrothermal vents provide the conditions for an abundance of sea life. This unique area is a candidate for protection and needs your help.

Establishing long-term protection for this deep-sea oasis is important. Threats include seabed mining and destructive fishing practices that damage the ocean floor. Coastal First Nations have stewarded this part of the ocean for millennia and must be treated as equal partners in conservation.

We can advance stronger protection for much more of the area — officially known as the Offshore Pacific Area of Interest — as part of Canada’s push to be a world leader in safeguarding marine biodiversity.