Protect orcas from whale-watching and fishing boats

Center for Whale Research

Ask PM to enforce laws to keep vessels away from orcas

In 2020, Canadian whale-watching operators and recreational fishers pursued and harassed endangered southern resident killer whales, despite new laws designed to protect them.

Only 73 of these orcas are left. They desperately need protection from the noise pollution and disturbance boats and marine traffic create.

According to a 2021 Straitwatch report, commercial whale-watching vessels were observed breaching buffer zones required for orcas in the Salish Sea numerous times in 2020. Many recreational fishing boats were also observed moving too close to the whales.

More enforcement is needed now to ensure all boats stay at least 400 metres away from these endangered whales in Canadian waters!

Please take a moment now to send a letter urging the prime minister to enforce existing laws to safeguard these iconic marine mammals and develop a comprehensive set of policies to protect them and the Chinook salmon they depend on for food.

* In January 2022, we were made aware of some data errors in the 2021 Straitwatch report. While the report’s conclusions remain valid, we have removed specific numbers from this page until corrections are made. Urgent federal government intervention is still required to give endangered southern residents their best chance of recovery.