Do you know where your seafood’s been?

Help turn the tide on seafood transparency

Justin Trudeau has encouraged everyone to “buy Canadian,” but our current labelling system doesn’t require producers to tell consumers where their seafood was caught or farmed. In fact, Canadian-produced seafood is often sold as a product of another country because it’s processed there.

Without proper traceability and labelling, you have no way of knowing the true origin of your seafood. This information is critical for your health, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

For over 10 years, SeaChoice has worked tirelessly to improve seafood sustainability. Although long overdue, the federal government recently promised to implement a boat-to-plate traceability program for seafood in Canada. We want to make sure government delivers on this promise, as it would vastly improve seafood transparency and sustainability and reduce instances of mislabelling. To be effective, the program should track geographic origin, scientific name and method of production, at the very least, for all seafood produced and sold in Canada.

The United States and European Union already have systems like this in place, meaning they know more about seafood from Canada than we do. It’s time for our government to ensure that all Canadians know what seafood they’re eating and where it came from.

Sign this petition which SeaChoice will deliver to Minster Patty Hajdu and Minister Bernadette Jordan on your behalf.

SeaChoice is a partnership between the David Suzuki Foundation, Ecology Action Centre and Living Oceans Society.

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