Support open net-pen fish farm phase-out

Photo: Kelly Roebuck

Tell Minister Murray wild Pacific salmon need all the help they can get

Wild salmon populations on the Pacific Coast are in serious trouble. That’s why we’re calling on Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray to complete the removal of open net-pen fish farms in the Discovery Islands, one of the most important wild salmon migration corridors.

Science has shown open net-pen fish farms allow bacteria, viruses, parasites such as sea lice, and other pathogens to spread into coastal ecosystems. With wild salmon already suffering from a destabilized climate, minimizing disease and parasites from open net-pen fish farms is more important than ever.

You can help by sending a letter encouraging Fisheries Minister Murray to continue phasing out salmon farms. The minister should require fish farms in the Discovery Islands to be removed by June 2022, and reduce the duration of all other licences to one year.

The Discovery Island phase-out is already underway, but a recent Federal Court ruling found procedural issues that require Minister Murray to revisit her predecessor’s decision. Your letter will help show public support for removing these farms.