Tell your MPP to stand up for wildlife

There's still time to make your voice heard

Ontarians turned out in record numbers to speak up against the Ontario government’s draft forest strategy and its proposal to double the amount of forest logged.

The government wants to open even more forest up for business, putting in jeopardy critical habitat for at-risk animals and plants. It also now has its sights set on reducing the ability of Conservation Authorities to review potential impacts of proposed developments.

Take a few minutes to call your MPP and urge them to do more to protect Ontario’s forests and wildlife. Let them know what matters to you.

Talking points

Provincial representatives want to hear from you personally, so please do not use the following speaking points verbatim. Remix them to make them your own.

  • Introduce yourself (e.g., I’m a grandmother, immigrant, farmer, student, etc…)
  • Tell them why protecting forests is important to you.
  • Ask them what their level of support is for the draft Ontario Forest Sector Strategy and why.
  • Ask them if they will commit to not doubling the logging amount, placing limits on industrial activity in critical wildlife habitat and maintaining strong mandates for Conservation Authorities. (Wait for an answer on this.)
  • Let them know you want habitat protected and restored.
  • Ask how you can continue to support this planning and encourage them to speak up for forest and wildlife protection.

Tips for the call

Calling your MPP is easy. We’ll connect you through your phone to their office. You might not be able to speak to them directly but you can talk to the assistant or leave a voicemail. Once the call rings through to your phone, use the easy talking points above to help guide you through the call.

  • Use a headset or hands-free. This will give you both hands to take notes about what is said.
  • Be respectful but firm. They are our elected representatives. They will likely be happy to hear from engaged constituents.
  • Make sure to ask for a response and provide them with return contact information.
  • Thank your representative for their time and attention