Public engagement is about relationship building. Five years ago, the David Suzuki Foundation’s Climate Change Team embraced a new approach to this work.

Campaigners Winnie Hwo and Harpreet Johal were originally responsible for sharing climate messaging with the country’s newest citizens, particularly Chinese and South Asian Canadians, and engaging them to help build a green future for the country.

Five years have passed, and Winnie and Harpreet’s roles have evolved and expanded. Along with the many relationships they have built, they also have much to share.

Thanks to the support of the Vancouver Foundation, the Sustainable diversity report documents and analyzes key ingredients in the Foundation’s public engagement initiatives with Canada’s diverse communities. The report is not a formula for success, but it opens new opportunities, learning and questions.

As we release the 40-page report, the David Suzuki Foundation is also launching its first Sustainable Diversity Network.

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