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Shifting Power: Zero-Emissions Electricity Across Canada by 2035 Tom Green, Stephen Thomas May 2022 Report Climate solutions
Decarbonizing Electricity and Decolonizing Power: Voices, Insights and Priorities from Indigenous Clean Energy Leaders Bridget Doyle, Dean Jacobs, Cory Jones May 2022 Report Climate solutions
Scientific Report Summary: Developing a Decision-Support Tool for Greening Potentially Contaminated Vacant Lots in Urban Areas Maxime Fortin Faubert, Louise Hénault-Ethier, Catherine Hallmich May 2022 Executive summary Climate solutions, Cities
Community Engagement Toolkit David Suzuki Foundation November 2021 Recommendation Cities
Policy Options for a Clean Electricity Standard in Canada Mark Jaccard, Bradford Griffin August 2021 Report, Technical brief Climate solutions
Response to Public Inquiry into Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns Ian Bruce July 2021 Submission Climate solutions
Clearing the Air: Transportation, Land Use and Carbon Emissions in Metro Vancouver Franziska Förg, Rose Murphy, Mark Jaccard June 2021 Report Climate solutions, Cities
“Land governance: Towards a more just future” (webinar recording) Aimée Craft, Doug White, Danika Billie Littlechild, Marilyn Baptiste, Rachel Plotkin May 2021 Video Biodiversity, Environmental rights
Framework for Community-Based Landscape Restoration: Scaling up Restoration Efforts in Blueberry River First Nations Territory May 2021 Report Biodiversity
The David Suzuki Podcast, Season 1, Episode 5 transcript David Suzuki, Neil Young, Tara Cullis December 2020 Audio Environmental rights
The David Suzuki Podcast, Season 1, Episode 4 transcript David Suzuki, Winona LaDuke, Attracta Mooney, Melissa Mollen-Dupuis December 2020 Audio Climate solutions, Biodiversity, Environmental rights
The David Suzuki Podcast, Season 1, Episode 3 transcript David Suzuki, Jeannette Armstrong, Autumn Peltier, Allie Rougeot, Jay Ritchlin December 2020 Audio Environmental rights, Oceans and fresh water