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Be a hummingbird

No matter what your age, there are things you can do to help the environment! Through these activities teachers can help students identify how they can make a difference at home, at school and in the community.

Be a hummingbird — activity guides

The David Suzuki Foundation, in partnership with the Vancouver Opera and the Pacific Opera Victoria, is committed to helping children recognize their agency and to inspire them to help protect the natural world.

Inspired by the simple message in the opera, The Flight of the Hummingbird, to “do what you can”, teachers can answer the opera’s clear call to action with activities designed to help students become advocates, improve existing programs or create solutions to problems they see in their schools, homes and communities.

By signing up to receive the activity guides listed below, your students can “be a hummingbird” and proudly identify how their efforts contribute to a healthier planet.

In a world of more than seven billion people, each of us is a drop in the bucket. But with enough drops, we can fill any bucket.

David Suzuki

Download these kid-friendly activity guides!

After submitting your information below, you will receive access to three resource guides that provide ideas for advocacy, life-style changes and neighbourhood initiatives.


Raise your voice

Use the power of your voice to help to protect the planet


Living green

Everyday actions for a cleaner Mother Earth


Plant seeds of change

Start initiatives locally for long-term impact

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