NatureCOP (COP15)

NatureCOP aims to protect biological diversity — to conserve and restore the wealth and variety of species, habitats and ecosystems on the planet.

What is NatureCOP?

Also known as the mouthful: the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, a two-week summit taking place in Montreal, Canada, from December 7 to 19, 2022.

NatureCOP aims to protect biological diversity — to conserve and restore the wealth and variety of species, habitats and ecosystems on the planet!

This is important for our health, food, services (such as clean air, drinking water and preventing infrastructure destruction) and economy.

Why are we having a 15th meeting?

So far, NatureCOPs have not provided a sufficient global response to the biodiversity crisis. In Canada specifically, promised measures have not been implemented at federal or provincial levels. This meeting is an opportunity for the world to agree and act together to stop nature loss once and for all.

What will we be watching for?

  • The world coming to an agreement to stop biodiversity loss on land and ocean and restore the damage.
  • Canada agreeing to recognize the authoritative voices of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Canada follows global standards of accountability and recognizes local Indigenous leadership when using nature-based solutions. (Stay tuned for more on this.)
  • The people of Canada urge world leaders to agree on a biodiversity framework and demand our national, provincial and territorial leaders follow through at home.

Why should you care?

Our presence, as a community with common interests, puts pressure on governments and industry to be accountable and stop uncontrolled biodiversity destruction.

Plus, your voice builds international solidarity. Enough is enough!

Call for halt and reversal of biodiversity loss

An intergenerational conversation featuring David Suzuki, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Lucy Tulugarjuk, Sipi Flamand and Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Thirty years after 12-year-old Severn Cullis-Suzuki stunned the world with her speech at the first NatureCOP — the Rio 1992 Biodiversity Summit — she’ll now host a conversation (FR and ENG) featuring a new generation of youth activists making their own mark in a fiery, thought-provoking discussion.

Canada is positioned as a leader at NatureCOP. But, for this to be true, we must halt and reverse nature loss at home. Following the lead of Indigenous Peoples, it’s possible for Canada to create a just, resilient and culturally and biologically diverse future.

Jay Ritchlin, director general, Western Canada and nature

NatureCOP Public Events

Photo: Shivam Kumar via Unsplash

Help nature thrive

Let’s work on halting habitat destruction, reversing nature loss and ensuring Indigenous-led conservation is at the forefront of nature protection in Canada.

Speak up for nature!

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