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Strategic Recommendations for an Optimal “Paper” Program Sonja Persram April 2011 Recommendation Cities, Climate solutions
Setting the Stage for a Sustainable Energy Strategy: Canada’s Necessary Opportunity Marlo Raynolds September 2010 Report Climate solutions
Doing Business in a New Climate: A Guide to Measuring, Reducing and Offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Paul Lingl, Deborah Carlson March 2010 Guide Climate solutions
Climate Scorecard for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games February 2010 Report card Cities, Climate solutions
Managing B.C.’s Forests for a Cooler Planet: Carbon Storage, Sustainable Jobs and Conservation Ben Parfitt January 2010 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Managing BC’s Forests for a Cooler Planet: Carbon Storage, Sustainable Jobs and Conservation Ben Parfitt January 2010 Executive summary Climate solutions
Climate Leadership, Economic Prosperity: Final Report on an Economic Study of Greenhouse Gas Targets and Policies for Canada “ Matthew Bramley, Pierre Sadik, Dale Marshall October 2009 Report Climate solutions
On Thin Ice: Winter Sports and Climate Change Ian Bruce March 2009 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions
A Green Economic Stimulus Package to Secure our Current and Future Prosperity January 2009 Briefing notes Climate solutions
Hot Properties: How Global Warming Could Transform B.C.’s Real Estate Sector Nicholas Heap November 2007 Report Cities
Switch Green: Energy Star Appliance Feebate Nic Rivers, Jotham Peters January 2007 Report, Recommendation Cities, Climate solutions
Toward a National Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada: Putting Canada on the Path to Sustainability within a Generation Thomas Gunton, Chris Joseph January 2007 Report Climate solutions, Biodiversity, Environmental rights