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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Green Power Opportunities for Ontario Christine Elwell, Edan Rotenberg January 2002 Executive summary Climate solutions
Green Power Opportunities for Ontario Edan Rotenberg, Christine Elwell January 2002 Report Climate solutions
British Columbia at the Crossroads: Clean Energy or More Pollution? Stuart Hertzog, Dermot Foley, Gerry Scott November 2001 Submission, Recommendation Climate solutions
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Climate Crisis: Energy Solutions for British Columbia January 2001 Executive summary Climate solutions
Climate Crisis: Energy Solutions for British Columbia Dermot Foley, Rob MacDonald, Kristann Boudreau, Javier Caceres, Darrell Richards, Andrew Pape-Salmon, Chris Severson-Baker, Gary Woloshyniuk, Yuri Jamin January 2001 Report Climate solutions
Fuel Cells: A Green Solution? March 2000 Executive summary Cities, Climate solutions
Climate-Friendly Hydrogen Fuel: A Comparison of the Life-cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Selected Fuel Cell Vehicle Hydrogen Production Systems Marlo Raynolds, Yori Jamin March 2000 Technical brief Cities, Climate solutions
Power Shift: Cool Solutions to Global Warming January 2000 Report Climate solutions
From Crisis to Opportunity: Climate Change, Ecological Sustainability and Economic Security Jim Fulton November 1999 Submission Climate solutions, Environmental rights
Clean Power at Home Andrew Pape-Salmon May 1999 Report Climate solutions
Low Impact Renewable Energy: Options for a Clean Environment and Healthy Canadian Economy January 1999 Report Climate solutions
Canadian Solutions: Practical and Affordable Steps to Fight Climate Change Robert Hornung October 1998 Report Climate solutions, Cities