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The Economics of Protecting Old Growth Forest: An Analysis of Spotted Owl Habitat in the Fraser Timber Supply Area of British Columbia Duncan Knowler, Kristin Dust September 2008 Report Biodiversity
Ontario’s Wealth, Canada’s Future: Appreciating the Value of the Greenbelt’s Eco-Services Sara Wilson September 2008 Report Biodiversity, Cities
Dollars and Sense: The Economic Rationale to Protect Spotted Owl Habitat in British Columbia Duncan Knowler, Kristin Dust August 2008 Report Biodiversity
Lake Simcoe Basin’s Natural Capital: The Value of the Watershed’s Ecosystem Services Sara Wilson June 2008 Report Cities, Biodiversity
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Thriving Economies, Healthy Oceans: Global Assessment of Closed System Aquaculture June 2008 Executive summary Oceans and fresh water
Global Assessment of Closed System Aquaculture May 2008 Report Oceans and fresh water
Hot Properties: How Global Warming Could Transform B.C.’s Real Estate Sector Nicholas Heap November 2007 Report Cities
Toward a National Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada: Putting Canada on the Path to Sustainability within a Generation Thomas Gunton, Chris Joseph January 2007 Report Climate solutions, Biodiversity, Environmental rights
The Will to Protect: Preserving B.C.’s Wild Salmon Habitat John Werring, Jeffrey Young October 2006 Report Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water
Drive Green: Company Car Tax Shift Nic Rivers, Rose Murphy, Mark Jaccard, Paulus Mau December 2005 Report Cities, Climate solutions
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — The Maple Leaf in the OECD: Comparing Progress toward Sustainability October 2005 Executive summary Climate solutions, Environmental rights
APPENDIX — Environmental Ranking of High-Income OECD Countries October 2005 Appendix/Graph Climate solutions, Environmental rights