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Sustainability within a Generation: A New Vision for Canada David R. Boyd January 2004 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions, Environmental rights, Cities
Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Canada, Kyoto and Developing Countries November 2003 Backgrounder Biodiversity, Climate solutions, Environmental rights
Oil and Water Don’t Mix: Keeping Canada’s West Coast Oil-Free March 2003 Report Oceans and fresh water, Biodiversity, Climate solutions
Putting the Assumptions to the Test Susan Rutherford February 2003 Report Oceans and fresh water, Climate solutions, Biodiversity
Is there a Bottom Line in the Wild Salmon – Farmed Salmon Debate?: A Technical Opinion Otto E. Langer February 2003 Technical brief Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water
Salmon Farms and Sea Lice: A Baseline Report of the Incidence of Sea Lice on Juvenile Salmonids on British Columbia’s North Coast David Rolston, Bart Proctor January 2003 Report Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water
B.C. Forests 2003: An Appraisal of Government Policies Patricia Marchak, S. Denise Allen January 2003 Report Biodiversity
Making Kyoto Work: A Transition Strategy for Canadian Energy Workers Dale Marshall April 2002 Report Climate solutions
The Bottom Line on Kyoto: Economic Benefits Alison Bailie, Stephen Bernow, William Dougherty, Benjamin Runkle, Marshall Goldberg April 2002 Report Climate solutions
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Green Power Opportunities for Ontario Christine Elwell, Edan Rotenberg January 2002 Executive summary Climate solutions
Green Power Opportunities for Ontario Edan Rotenberg, Christine Elwell January 2002 Report Climate solutions
Clear Choices, Clean Waters: The Leggatt Inquiry into Salmon Farming in British Columbia Stuart Leggatt October 2001 Report, Recommendation Oceans and fresh water, Biodiversity