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The Last Place on Earth: British Columbia Needs a Law to Protect Species from Habitat Loss and Global Warming Sean Nixon, Devon Page, Susan Pinkus October 2008 Recommendation, Report Biodiversity
The Economics of Protecting Old Growth Forest: An Analysis of Spotted Owl Habitat in the Fraser Timber Supply Area of British Columbia Duncan Knowler, Kristin Dust September 2008 Report Biodiversity
Ontario’s Wealth, Canada’s Future: Appreciating the Value of the Greenbelt’s Eco-Services Sara Wilson September 2008 Report Biodiversity, Cities
Dollars and Sense: The Economic Rationale to Protect Spotted Owl Habitat in British Columbia Duncan Knowler, Kristin Dust August 2008 Report Biodiversity
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Thriving Economies, Healthy Oceans: Global Assessment of Closed System Aquaculture June 2008 Executive summary Oceans and fresh water
Global Assessment of Closed System Aquaculture May 2008 Report Oceans and fresh water
Marine Protected Areas Progress Report Card Jodi Stark, K.W. Ladell January 2008 Report card Oceans and fresh water
Fish Farms Drive Wild Salmon Toward Local Extinction Marjorie Wonham, Martin Krkosek December 2007 Executive summary Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water, Cities
Canada’s Polar Bear: Falling through the Cracks? Rachel Plotkin November 2007 Report, Recommendation Biodiversity
Dragging Our Assets: Toward an Ecosystem Approach to Bottom Trawling in Canada Scott Wallace October 2007 Recommendation, Report Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water
Rich Wildlife, Poor Protection: The Urgent Need for Strong Legal Protection of British Columbia’s Biodiversity Faisal Moola, Devon Page, Michelle Connolly, Lindsay Coulter June 2007 Report, Recommendation Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water
APPENDIX — Waiting for the Ark: The Biodiversity Crisis in British Columbia, Canada and the Need for a Strong Endangered Species Law May 2007 Appendix/Graph Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water