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Salvaging Solutions: Science-based Management of B.C.’s Pine Beetle Outbreak Josie Huges, Ronnie Drever January 2001 Report Biodiversity
Negotiating the Climate: Canada and the International Politics of Global Warming Cathy Wilkinson November 2000 Report Climate solutions
Nemiah: Home of the Xeni Gwet’in: Pacific Salmon Forests Project Richard Littlemore April 2000 Report Biodiversity, Environmental rights
Clearing the Air: A Preliminary Analysis of Air Quality Co-Benefits from Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada Robert Caton, Sandy Constable March 2000 Report Environmental rights, Climate solutions
Kitkatla: People of Saltwater: A Report of the Pacific Salmon Forests Project Ben Parfitt March 2000 Report Biodiversity, Environmental rights
Power Shift: Cool Solutions to Global Warming January 2000 Report Climate solutions
A Cut Above: Ecological Principles for Sustainable Forestry on B.C.’s Coast Ronnie Drever January 2000 Report, Recommendation Biodiversity
Taking the High Road: Sustainable Transportation for the 21st Century December 1999 Report Cities, Climate solutions
Clean Power at Home Andrew Pape-Salmon May 1999 Report Climate solutions
Set Adrift: The Plight of British Columbia’s Fishing Communities: Pacific Salmon Forest Project Dan Edwards, Terry Glavin May 1999 Report Oceans and fresh water
Fall Down: Forest Policy in British Columbia Patricia Marchak, Scott L. Aycock, Deborah M. Herbert January 1999 Report Biodiversity, Environmental rights
Low Impact Renewable Energy: Options for a Clean Environment and Healthy Canadian Economy January 1999 Report Climate solutions