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Sacred Cedar: The Cultural and Archaeological Significance of Culturally Modified Trees: A Report of the Pacific Salmon Forests Project Arnoud H. Stryd, Vicki Feddema December 1998 Report Biodiversity, Environmental rights
Canadian Solutions: Practical and Affordable Steps to Fight Climate Change Robert Hornung October 1998 Report Climate solutions, Cities
Taking Our Breath Away: The Health Effects of Air Pollution and Climate Change John Last, Konia Trouton, David Pengelly October 1998 Report Environmental rights, Climate solutions
Last Call: The Will to Save Pacific Salmon: A Report of the Pacific Salmon Forests Project Terry Glavin September 1998 Report Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water
Taking Charge: Personal Initiatives Robert Hornung, Barbara Campbell, Kim Sanderson December 1997 Report Climate solutions, Cities
A Glimpse of Canada’s Future Ellen Battle, Bill Stipdonk October 1997 Report Climate solutions
Keeping Canada Competitive: Comparing Canada’s Climate Change Performance to Other Countries Doug Russell October 1997 Report Climate solutions
The Role of Government: A Briefing Paper to the Honourable Paul Martin, September 29, 1997 Michael Margolick September 1997 Submission, Report Climate solutions