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On Thin Ice: Winter Sports and Climate Change Ian Bruce March 2009 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions
Not Just a Pretty View: An Overview of What the Oceans Do for Us Jodi Stark, Michelle Molnar, Bill Wareham, Sutton Eaves February 2009 Executive summary Oceans and fresh water
Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services: A Report on Ecosystem Services in the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA) on the British Columbia coast Michelle Molnar, Cathryn Clarke-Murray, John Whitworth, Jordan Tam February 2009 Recommendation, Report Oceans and fresh water
B.C.’s Bountiful Sea: Heritage Worth Preserving Jodi Stark October 2008 Report Oceans and fresh water
The Last Place on Earth: British Columbia Needs a Law to Protect Species from Habitat Loss and Global Warming Sean Nixon, Devon Page, Susan Pinkus October 2008 Recommendation, Report Biodiversity
Pricing Carbon: Saving Green — A Carbon Price to Lower Emissions, Taxes and Barriers to Green Technology Nic Rivers, Dave Sawyer October 2008 Report Climate solutions
Provincial Power Play: Breaking Away from Federal Inaction on Climate Change Dale Marshall October 2008 Report Climate solutions
Deep Reductions, Strong Growth: An Economic Analysis Showing that Canada Can Prosper Economically While Doing Its Share to Prevent Dangerous Climate Change October 2008 Report Climate solutions
Debugging the Ban: Nine Pesticides Missing from Ontario’s Proposed Prohibitions August 2008 Report, Recommendation Biodiversity
State of the Ocean in the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA) Anna Hall June 2008 Report Oceans and fresh water
Pesticide Free? Oui!: An Analysis of Quebec’s Pesticides Management Code and Recommendations for Effective Provincial Policy Lisa Gue, Lova Ramanitrarivo, Simona Untaru April 2008 Report Biodiversity
Returning Salmon: Integrated Planning and the Wild Salmon Policy of B.C. Marc Nelitz, Carol Murray, Katherine Wieckowski March 2008 Report, Recommendation Oceans and fresh water