Getting transportation right

Transportation systems are the backbone of our cities and rural communities. In a country as vast as Canada, transportation is vital to connect us to each other.

When communities are connected efficiently and sustainably, they thrive. Spending less time in traffic means more time for the people and activities you love — and a healthier lifestyle.

The Foundation advocates for all people of Canada to have access to:

  1. More efficient transit
  2. Active transportation such as biking, walking and accessible pathways for those with limited mobility
  3. Electric vehicles

Where we are now

As many areas of Canada experience increased gridlock, the Foundation welcomes the federal government’s commitment of Phase 2 public infrastructure funding — $20.1 billion over 11 years starting in 2017 — to solve this problem.

We expect this funding will engage provinces, territories and municipalities on national climate change solutions.

To meet our Paris Agreement commitments, Canada needs to invest in sustainable transportation for long-lasting, healthy communities.

When communities invest in transit, we not only cut down air pollution and traffic, we get back lost time for the things that really matter in our lives. — Gideon Forman