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Progress on Canadian Climate Policy December 2014 Technical brief Climate solutions
Rockfish Conservation Areas in B.C.: Our Current State of Knowledge Dana Haggarty March 2014 Technical brief Oceans and fresh water, Biodiversity
Bridging the Divide: The Role of Canada and Major Developing Countries in a Strong Climate Deal Dale Marshall May 2009 Technical brief Climate solutions
Credit Check: A Comparative Evaluation of Tree-Planting and Fossil-Fuel Emission Reduction Offsets October 2008 Technical brief Climate solutions
Canada’s Environmental Record: An Assessment Thomas Gunton September 2005 Technical brief Climate solutions, Environmental rights
Is there a Bottom Line in the Wild Salmon – Farmed Salmon Debate?: A Technical Opinion Otto E. Langer February 2003 Technical brief Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water
Climate-Friendly Hydrogen Fuel: A Comparison of the Life-cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Selected Fuel Cell Vehicle Hydrogen Production Systems Marlo Raynolds, Yori Jamin March 2000 Technical brief Cities, Climate solutions